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Fantasy, Short The Witcher: First Hunt
Horror, Short Naked Zombie Girl
Action, Crime, Short Red Hood: The Fallen
Drama, Fantasy, Short Leave Me
Action, Drama, Short Sidekick
Animation, Comedy, Short Cro Minion

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Drama, Sci-Fi, Short Eidolon
Drama, Family, Short The Karman Line
Action, Short Predator Dark Ages
Action, Comedy, Short Kung Fury
Sci-Fi, Short Sync
Horror, Short Shelter 5
Action, Horror, Short Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness
Sci-Fi, Short H.A.V.E.N.
Sci-Fi, Short The Last Human in the Milky Way
Drama, Sci-Fi, Short E.M.M.A.
Action, Sci-Fi, Short Siren
Action, Animation, Short The OceanMaker
Sci-Fi, Short P.L.U.G.
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